Pacquiao's Fist of Legend turned to Metal Trophy -Limited Edition-

Manny Pacquiao

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Pacquiao calls his left fist, “My Power”

It gets molded from himself, faithfully reproducing metal and even wrinkles and pores of blood vessels and hands.
Only valuable historical items can be obtained here.

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Pacquiao model
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Why Boxing Why He Fights He Got Into Boxing to Help His Mother He Fights for Dignity of His Country Fighter「MANNY PACQUIAO」

Boxing Record (2018,04,01)

  • Total fights 68
  • Wins 59
  • Wins by KO 38
  • Losses 7
  • Draws 2


  • WBC Flyweight
  • IBF Super Bantamweight
  • WBC Super Featherweight
  • WBC Lightweight
  • WBO Welterweight
  • WBC Super Welterweight
To Eat
On December, 17th, 1978, Pacquiao was born as the forth son among six siblings in Bukidnon, in the region of Mindanao in Philippines. He had been through poverty in his childhood. A small hut made of coconut leaves was his house. When he dropped out of school in the sixth grades due to extreme poverty, he had supported his family by vending on the streets.
I Got Into Boxing to Help His Mother
Pacquiao got 2 dollars prize from winning the fight at the park when he was 12 years old. 2 dollars was the very first prize money he got. “Earn Money for His Family” He moved to Manila, capital of Philippines by boat when he was 13 years old. He started boxing while living in the boxing gym. Pacquiao’s official first match was when he was 16 years old and 1 month. His weight was less than its provision, he was passed with iron weight in his pockets. Pacquiao, 19 years old, became the Oriental and Pacific Boxing Federation(OPBF) title holder. He moved to the United States to pursue his boxing career..
Inspiring Boxing Style
Pacquiao’s aggressive boxing has inspired many of boxing fans. He had won the fights with world-class boxers in different weight classes. His winning was overwhelming at many of these fights. In Philippines, opposition bills were submitted as Pacquiao had to fight with boxers with weight difference and physical disparity. However, he continues challenging the fights and winning them.
Became a Hero
Fight for a different weight division is difficult. However, he achieved 6 divisions of world titles, from Flyweight to Super Welterweight. People say that we would not see anyone like Pacquiao ever again. He became a hero in Philippines, then became very popular in the United States. In Philippines, people stop what they were doing for the fights of Pacquiao. There is no one on the streets, everyone is a home watching his fight. There is no crime during the fight. There is no fight between the secessionists, besides the one of Pacquiao.
Fight of the Century
Announced match with Floyd Mayweather Jr., called the strongest boxer, who never lost the fight is held in 2015. The match was called “Fight of the Century” and it earned a record pay-per-view buys. The revenue was the biggest in the history.The total revenue from their 32 minutes fight was about 4 million dollars. Price of the tickets was very expensive and reseller was dealing them around 400 thousand dollars per ticket. ‘I was a vender on the streets without food to eat. There still are many kids who have these difficulties I used to have in the world. At this game, I am fighting for them, for their future.’ Pacquiao told media before the fight.
There Are Many Living in Poverty in Philippines. I Want to Help Them. I Want to Help Philippines
“There Are Many Living in Poverty in Philippines. I Want to Help Them. I Want to Help Philippines” Pacquiao was elected to the House of Representatives in Philippines, and became the first boxer who serve as a congressman. He served 2 terms and was elected as a senator in 2016. Some say he would be next President of the Philippines.
I Had Thought I supported the Country. However, I was supported by the Country.
In December, 2012, the match with Juan Manuel Márquez, called ‘the greatest Mexican boxer’, was held. This became unforgettable match for him and his country.
After Pacquiao took a flight from Philippines to Las Vegas for the match, Typhoon Pablo hit the island of Mindanao. More than 5.4 thousands people suffered. More than 1,500 people are missing or death.
On the day of the match, screens to watch the fight of Pacquiao was built at disaster camps. Pacquiao only wished to win by KO. However, 1 second left in the 6th round, Márquez knocked down Pacquiao. ‘I cannot face people in Philippines.’ Pacquiao visited the area suffered from typhoon with disappointment from the match. Many of evacuees welcomed and told him “thank you” over and over. ‘I thought I supported my country, but they supported me.’



The Interview about MANNY PACQUIAO

Special Event

Presented a special trophy to Mr.Pacquiao as a symbol of our appreciation.


Certification with Serial Number is included.

Pacquiao’s Fist of Legend turned to Metal Trophy -Limited Edition-


This is created with bronze with golden color, using the mold taken by Pacquiao, so that his wrinkles, blood vessels and pores are real as his. Allows us to feel greater stability and massive feeling.

Serial Number

special stainless plate of the official logo of Pacquiao made with gold ion-plating. Gold official logo plate with logo of Pacquiao was proudly made with MIM technology.


Signature of Pacquiao is engraved on the base made from SAKURA tree. The color of blue gives the image of the national flag of Philippines.


The box and the iron figure let us feel proud of Philippines from these colors. Inside of the box: Red, Figure: Gold, Base: Blue, Signature: White

Standard model

Will start accepting reservation from midnight of July 15th(JST)

Retail price: 300,000 Japanese Yen


* A portion of the proceeds from your purchase supports Emmanuel & Jinkee’s Heart Foundation.

Limited model

Limited model for the fight in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on July 15th Sunday will be on sale. Surface has gold finish from special coating, ion-plated. Limited model has luxury appearance compare to the standard model. This limited model can be available only at the fight match. Also it comes with a bag with Pacquiao logo.

* To purchase this limited model, Authentication password is needed. It will be available at the fight match.

Retail price: 300,000 Japanese Yen


* A portion of the proceeds from your purchase supports Emmanuel & Jinkee’s Heart Foundation.

Pacquiao model

Will start accepting reservation from midnight of August 8th(JST)

Pacquiao’s full name is Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao. His name consists of three 8 letters. 888 means Pacquiao himself, in other words. He has great attention to the number 8. Serial number 888 is owned by Pacquiao himself. Fist of the '888' model is covered with 24 gold leaf, which provides the highest level of gold radiance. Base is made with Japanese traditional technique, Wajima-nuri. Now, replica model of '888' owned by Pacquiao has been released. Replica model were applied 24 gold-plating finish instead of 24 gold leaf. Serial number of each replica is three repdigit figures: 111,222,333,444,555,666 and 777. This super premium item is limited in quantity. Only 7 sets are available.

Retail price: 1,000,000 Japanese Yen


* A portion of the proceeds from your purchase supports Emmanuel & Jinkee’s Heart Foundation.